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About Us

J2ASPEN has been established as a long trusted partner with trusted clients in the E-publishing field since 2013, working closely with our clients to building a compelling and conscientious long lasting relationship that has always allowed us to value their time and act and deliver in deference to their best interest in the longer term.

J2ASPEN has the Core Competence in processes of all aspects E- publishing such as copyediting, proofreading typesetting and so on, KPO, Designing and Software. It provides a best in class call center operation that reflects the “Client Standard” in terms of high quality customer service.

J2ASPEN, while minimizing cost through efficient management of processes, procedures and technological infrastructure, provides solutions that allow scalability without compromising on quality. It ensures the seamless transition of work from the client to J2ASPEN.

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Services we Offer


E-publishing is short for electronic publishing,referring to a type of publishing that does not include printed books.E-Publishing is a not Electronic or Digital publishing like E-books,Magazines,its a digital catalogue or library well as making information available through online services.

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Editorial Management

Editing is the art of perusing one’s work so as to remove spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors and at the same time improve overall sentence structure, leaving the core content of the work untouched.

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Content Management

J2ASPEN writes content for both online and offline publishing media. When you opt for our services, it is not an individual but a team of experienced writers that you get to work with.

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Project Management

Our J2ASPEN project management team have handled end-to-end life cycle [Communication (Author and Publisher), Editorial, Graphics, Typesetting and Digitalization] of Books, Journals and Magazine has been proven to be the most effective method of delivering products.

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Data Conversion

Data Conversion, as the name implies, deals with changes required to move or convert data from one physical environment format to that of another, like moving data from one electronic medium or database product onto another format.J2ASPEN will provide you reliable data conversion services.

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Our indexers use specialized software that helps them automate the more mechanical aspects of indexing such as sorting index entries, enabling them to focus on the intellectual task of analyzing the text.Our indexes will greatly add value to your books and subsequently increase sales.

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Pub Med Indexing

Journals must first be suitable for the NLM collection and have subject material appropriate for MEDLINE before they can be considered for review by LSTRC.

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Layout Design (Books and Journals)

Page layout is the part of graphic design that deals in the arrangement of visual elements on a page. It generally involves organizational principles of composition to achieve specific communication objectives.

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Template/Tool Creation

We can create a template for your book/journal of your dissertation. The template stores the information about your margins, styles, etc. so provides consistency across documents.

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Cover Page Creation

A good cover design is the first statement your book makes to the reader. Our cover designer will ensure that you get the best cover design from our repository of millions of stock photos. If you have a stock image of your own, you can provide it too.

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Printing for Books and Albums

We are using various GSM papers with international quality

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Content solution service is one which provides solutions to the questions asked in the areas of Computer science, Biology, and Chemistry. We create solution manuals based on the questions given in the main book.

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Mechanical 3D product animation is the process of creating realistic three-dimensional CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation to visually represent the configuration, assemblies and modus-operandi of various mechanical products and their components.

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Software Development

A strong team of software professionals empowers the application development capability at .Net technologies and Java platform. The applications developed range from Web-stores, online service retailing to enterprise information systems.

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