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Electronic publishing which is the first digitization projects were transferring
physical content in to digital content.

Content Management

J2ASPEN writes content for both online and offline publishing media. When you opt for our services, it is not an individual but a team of experienced writers that you get to work with. Our one-of-a-kind team structure ensures that every written piece is reviewed several times, so that you receive a fine-tuned final draft that will surely surpass your expectations. We provide:

  • 100% unique content
  • Copy scape verified content
  • Content written by our professional writers
  • Domain specific content
  • Content with a perfect blend of creativity and knowledge

Data Conversion

Data Conversion, as the name implies, deals with changes required to move or convert data from one physical environment format to that of another, like moving data from one electronic medium or database product onto another format. J2ASPEN will provide you reliable data conversion services.

We convert your paper, book or old computer files into organized useful digital information. We select the method most appropriate for your project, whether it’s keying, optical character recognition, or double key entry with verification.

  • XML / HTML Tagging
  • E-Book (EPUB, MOBI, PRC, EPDF etc…) Language of E-Books: English, French, German & Arabic Versions : EPUB1, EPUB2 (Fixed Layout), HTML V5, EPUB3 (Audio & Video)
  • OCR with file editing/cleanup
  • PDF to editable Word Document
  • Image/JPEG/TIFF to Word Document
  • POD Projects

Pub Med Indexing

Journal Selection for MEDLINE® Indexing at NLM

Journals must first be suitable for the NLM collection and have subject material appropriate for MEDLINE before they can be considered for review by LSTRC. Also, journals are not eligible for MEDLINE if they were recently reviewed for PMC and did not meet the PMC's scientific quality standard. The NLM Fact Sheet "MEDLINE Journal Selection" describes the role of the LSTRC and several critical elements that serve as a general guide for recommending journals to be indexed in MEDLINE. J2ASPEN will help to support pub med indexing.